The research has attracted the interest of the industry

The Wedistrict project will launch four pilot facilities that will merge heating and air-conditioning in the same district system, combining several kinds of sustainable technology to guarantee all energy demands
Most heating and air-conditioning systems in the world work on an individual basis, meaning that each household has its own device to heat or cool the home. But what would happen if only one system were needed to control temperatures in all the dwellings in a neighborhood? And what if this system combined several renewable sources able to guarantee the entire energy demand?

The European project called MED-BERRY looks into new biofungicides and genetic improvement technology in order to defend strawberries against attacks from pathogens

The University of Cordoba is collaborating on a new project by the University of Almeria to test APIStrip, a new tool for sampling environmental pollutants by means of bee colonies

The ArtisaneFood Project uses predictive microbiology in order to optimize food quality and safety in artisanal foods produced in the Mediterranean region

The therapy, that acts as a substitute for a natural enzyme, improves motor proficiency and slows down the progression of the disease at early stages

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